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Ciao Italy
Ciao Italy

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Search Engines

  Italian search engines in Italy are obviously in Italian but still worth using. We will add adresses as we learn about them.

  We welcome suggestions and feedback, please write

Ciao * Italy

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  • Alta Vista
    The Italian version of Alta Vista.    http://www.altavista.it

  • Arianna
    Arianna, furnished by internet service provider Italia On Line, was one of the first Italian search engines.    http://www.arianna.it

  • Excite Italia
    The Italian version of Excite from the U.S., one of the most important search engines.    http://www.excite.it

  • Furnishing Planet
    A search engine that specializes infurnishing links to sites in dedicated to home furnishings.    http://www.furnishingplanet.it

  • Katalogo (Kata Web)
    Katalogo is the search engine of Kata Web, the portal created by one of Italy's leading daily newspapers La Repubblica. Katalogo also offers shopping, chat, forums, the possibility to put your photographs on line, and videos.    http://www.katalogo.it

  • Lycos Italia
    The granddaddy of search engines, which originated at Carnegie-Mellon University, Lycos has now arrived in Italy.     http://www.lycos.it

  • SuperEva
    A search engine as well as a portal and Internet Service Provider geared towards creating a community for women on the web offering chat, web space, email, and free access to Internet. Created by Dada, the first Internet provider in Florence. Email: scrivimi@supereva.it    http://www.supereva.it

  • Virgilio
    Virgilio was the first Italian search engine. It now features a new aid to searching called "Amico" (friend) which works with Windows and can be downloaded from the site. It places a little magnifying glass on the monitor, and when it is placed over a word on Virgilio's web it will explore the links available for that word.     http://www.virgilio.it

  • Yahoo Italia
    Jerry Yang and David Filo elaborated their personal bookmark lists while students at Stanford University in California, and Yahoo was born. What makes Yahoo different from automatic search engines is the editors who examine webs for suitability and catalog them subjectively.     http://www.yahoo.it

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