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Ciao Italy
Ciao Italy

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  There are so many magazines published in Italy (there are over ten weekly women's magazines alone) that it would be impossible to list them all. Here is a sample.

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Ciao * Italy

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  • Subscriptions on Line A site offering subscriptions to Italian magazines such as Marie Claire, Starbene (health), Sale e Pepe (food), Grazia and Donna (women's), Panorama (weekly newsmagazines), Ciak (movies), and Topolino (Disney comics, a good way to learn vernacular Italian).   http://www.abbonamentionline.com

  • Abitare   http://www.abitare.it
    Very sophisticated magazine, aimed at architects and interior designers

  • Amica   http://www.rcs.it/amica
    This former weekly women's magazine is now a monthly, aimed at a sophisticated audience with emphasis on fashion

  • Anna   http://www.rcs.it/anna
    One of Italy's many weekly magazines for women, with fashion, advice, beauty, some culture, targed to a middle-income audience

  • Brava Casa   http://www.rcs.it/bravacasa

  • Capital   http://www.rcs.it/capital
    Slick monthly magazine for businessmen with articles about personalities, fashion, how-to, the first in its field

  • Carnet   http://www.rcs.it/carnet
    Dedicated to cultural events, this monthly has extensive listings along with related articles

  • Class   http://www.class.it

  • Computer Inter@ctive   http://www.mondadori.com/interactive
    A copy of Capital which preceded it, Class is also targeted to the businessman

  • @Computerworld Italia   http://www.idg.it/computerworld
    The Italian version of the U.S. Computer World

  • D Donna di La Repubblica
    D Donna di La Repubblica is a weekly women's magazine that comes with the Saturday edition of the daily newspaper La Repubblica.    http://www.dweb.it

  • Donna Moderna a very snappy weekly magazine, combination of general interest and woman    http://www.-donnamoderna.it

  • Famiglia Cristiana Moderna   http://www.stpauls.it
    Sometimes the largest selling weekly magazine in Italy, the general interest publication was originally sold on the church steps after Mass on Sunday

  • Gente Viaggi   http://www.genteviaggionline.it
    One of several lavish magazines dedicated to travel, both in Italy and abroad, which often features texts by well-known authors. Some articles and photographs are available in the archives ("archivio"). In Italian.

  • Glamour     http://www.glamour.com
    The Italian version of the U.S. monthly magazine comes in a much smaller format than normal but has a lot of editorial comment, Italian style.

  • GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly)   the Italian version of the U.S. magazine includes articles on film, sport, motors, nightlife, sport, hi tech and other subjects.

  • Il Giornalino   http://www.stpauls.it

  • Il Mondo
    Il Mondo, published by Rizzoli which is one of Italy's largest publishing houses, is a weekly business magazine. The web features an index of articles in the current issue as well as an archive of 48,000 articles. There are also linkes to two other sites, Soldi on Line and Antea edizioni.    http://www.ilmondo.rcs.it

  • Intimita'   http://www.quadratum.it/intimita/home.html

  • Internet News   http://www.inews.tecnet.it
    One of the first Italian magazines dedicated to the Internet, aimed at the business manager rather than the tekkie.

  • La Cucina Italiana   http://www.quadratum.it/cucina/home.htm

  • Macworld Italia   http://www.idg.it/macworld

  • Max   http://www.rcs.it/max
    A general-interest magazine for men, known for the sexy calendars of TV and movie starlets it publishes

  • Milano Finanza   http://www.milanofinanza.it.

  • Mondoerre is a monthly magazine devoted to the world of children with subjects including music, sport, news, nature, and a monthly poll for participation.    http://www.mondoerre.it

  • Panorama The first Italian newsmagazine patterned after Time Magazine, originally in partnership with its publisher Mondadori - its web site is full of information, photographs, and links    http://www.panorama.it

  • PC Magazine   http://www.jackson.it

  • PC Professional   http://www.mondadori.com/pcpro

  • PC Week   http://www.mondadori.com/pcweek

  • PC World Italia   http://www.idg.it/pcworld

  • Prima Comunicazione   http://www.primaonline.it
    The only Italian magazine (monthly) dedicated to Italian media, mostly the printed press. For those who read Italian it's full of information on the people who run the country's newspapers and magazines, as well as several acid columns written under pseudonyms like "Pit Bull" by the magazine's editor Umberto Brunetti.

  • Rivista Archeologica Italiana     Italian Archelogical Magazine, http://www.archeomedia.it

  • Tutto   http://www.athena2000.it/tutto

  • Tuttomoto   http://www.tuttomoto.com
    All about motorcycles

  • Viaggi e Sapori   http://www.viaggiesapori.it
    Launched in 2002, this lavish magazines can be enjoyed even if you don't read Italian. Although most of the features are about places in Italy, sometimes they venture abroad. Each issue is packed with at least 450 photographs, 32 small maps created by their own cartographer, and at least 350 addresses of hotels, restaurants, and shops, especially those featuring artisanal products. Gastronomic weekends are featured along with lists of art exhibits, flea markets, fairs, and other items of cultural interest.

  • Ville & Casali    http://www.villeecasali.com
    For lovers of good living in the country, this monthly publishes spreads with lavish photos on some of the most beautiful country residences in Italy, along with ads for properties on sale, one of which is chosen for a "makeover"

  • Weekend Viaggi    http://www.quantum.it/weekend/home.htm

  • Zerouno   http://www.zerouno.mondadori.com

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